millennium parade, King Gnuとその過去のメモです。

vimeo DTMP×Ryoji Yamada (1:03~1:47, 11:38~13:08)
YouTube DTMP×Ryoji Yamada (1:03~1:47, 11:38~13:08)


  • DTMP 1st Album http://収録曲。
  • タイトルはWorld Wide Webに由来。
  • Mrs.Vinci In Tokyoに使用されたL.ベルリオーズ幻想交響曲第4楽章が使用されている。
  • Yuta Nakano作詞。
Now poems are all "sold out"
But the tweets go so loud
Cybernauts go vagabond their sphere

It got me, got me crying in a cellar
"Please forget me now"
My whereabouts are known

Yeah, Yeah, you got me. I appeared
You typed my name, googled, yeah

Sorry! I'm about to become unknown with my face down,
lying prone before the screen, yes yo l'm a clone
Horribly anonymous like a stone
Terribly miss my old microphone

Flowers, impostors, I declare my disappearance Until I find a real taleteller's sphere
(or some kind of a poetic message transfer protocol)

Flowers, impostors, butterflies, cybernauts,
All listen to a declaration of my disappearance
Until there's a taleteller's protocol
In a hotel room or somewhere,
gonna lay my body down



at Launch Party!!!




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