millennium parade, King Gnuとその過去のメモです。

Instagram osrin direction SHOW REEL 2020


  • DTMP 1st Album http://収録曲。
  • Internet meme(インターネットミームとはインターネットを通じ文化が広まる事を言う。
  • Yuta Nakano作詞。
Got it, away from a black hole
"Peace" or whatnot
Ain't no cybernauts
Stay inside for so long,
On the net to get roles
Looking outta loophole, locked in a cellar n' mourning Rebecca, coz
Everything's cyber-based nowadays a real image of your-self, tell me now who gon see?
Now I'm a white bird flying above chaos
Pathos told my pride "C'mon boy, face-off'
So I took off at 30yrs old
3yrs old, not free in my soul
Then I grew old,
Go on the net to find roles
Looking outta loopholes, mourning Rebecca, but
Every time I played roles picked from the Internet,
Horribly metamorphosed. I was so alone.
"Perform and Overdose" didn't really change myself after all
I’ll go fly till I die in the riddles
Right in the middle of two blues, sky and sea
Red and Black, oh Julien Sorel
Real love?
Once my wings got hurt wanting that too much, I crashed in the sea

Who came for help?





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